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  1. moritz Jan 23, 2023

    Quote by Ghandy All four artists drew this artwork. As far as I know, it's just one of them.

    It was Kanae Hontani

  2. moritz Jan 22, 2023

    Quote by Ghandy Another example of auto-tagging with artists assigned to some Visual Novel. Only one of these artists drew this graphic.

    Sorry for mistaking, it was a copy paste error. The right one is Kanae Hontani

  3. moritz Aug 14, 2022

    Quote by Ghandy Sorry, but I see a completely different character on this scan than the one you tagged.
    Violet Evergarden

    Thanks for your comment and sorry for mistaking.

  4. moritz May 20, 2022

    Quote by Ghandy

    Quote by moritz Hello! Searching for duplicates ?

    If you want to insinuate something to me, first learn how to use contrasts.

    Yours vs This

    The only thing I do is comparing my scan to the paper version. The reference may be wrong, but I have it in front of me... Clearly, the other version is much improved and attractive. Still a dilem...
    In the end, when I look again at my doujinshi, my scan is more accurate. The other one is rather dull.
    Only the Author can decide. Is it not you?

  5. moritz May 09, 2022

    Hello! Searching for duplicates ?

  6. Steffi1690 Moderator Oct 13, 2020

    Quote by Ghandy Proposes to correct which artbook the Momopoco scans you added belong to.
    And you are surprised that I pick on simple mistakes.

    They where in this yesterday:
    But it seems not anymore...
    well will delete it.

  7. Hakaru Moderator Sep 14, 2020

    Quote by GhandyWhat is your problem with my comment written under the image. And where in it do you see that I bother someone.
    First, teach yourself and others to see if you are adding automatically assigned artist tags to scans. Because this is the problem of this website, automatically assigning tags to the creator of a specific series or manga. On the example, I will be happy to see that, for example, such Abec was the only one who made all the graphics for Sword Art Online. Because by default, this artist's tag is assigned to scans and is added under the Sword Art Online banner.
    And if I had to report such problems every day, I wouldn't have time for my own affairs.

    Teach what? We're already looking into this wrongly added problem. The parent tags were made that way because some members are not willing to tag properly. If the series is produced by multiple studios/artists, the automatic thing will be completely dropped. Anyway, the Abec has been set to manually.

  8. Hakaru Moderator Sep 13, 2020

    If the artist tag is wrongly added, you should report the link to Tag Admin for removal.
    You have been told many times to stop harassing the others, behave yourself.

  9. moritz Apr 23, 2020

    Quote by Ghandy [url=http://www.minitokyo.net/Melonbooks+-+Under+Wears+2]Melonbooks - Under Wears 2url]

    merged: 04-23-2020 ~ 01:29pm
    I suggest learning how to search because the tag with this artbook already exists

    Melonbooks - Under Wears 2. Instead of creating another one

    Sorry Ghandy, this artbook is different from #2 because it is the hentai version. I have both artbooks. So, please keep the ~Pink Label~ version.
    And I know how to search, I Don't kneed this Lesson.

  10. amlerisa Aug 18, 2019

    Quote by Ghandy


    I propose to learn to read the title because somehow I do not see him as the author of Gaou:
    (COMITIA124) [Hachigo (Ayamy, Lpip)] Majo Gakkou
    I only see Ayamy & lpip there
    Congratulations on incorrect tagging

    ITS NOT WRONGLY TAGGED.. stop being so ego
    Ayami or as know Ayami (Annahibi) and in here this artist is tagged as Gaou.. there is no wrong tagging if the artist use different name in this page than in others -.-

  11. amlerisa Aug 18, 2019


  12. moritz Jun 17, 2019

    Quote by Ghandy

    Quote by moritz

    Quote by Ghandy I suggest to learn how to set the contrast correctly when scanning.
    For comparison, https://yande.re/post/show/521917

    Hello, Doctor Ghandy ! I'm sorry, but my scan is closer to the original "paper" picture. I may be wrong, but it's my reference when I adjust the parameters. Yande's result is very fine, I love it, but I don't have the original CG to compare. In the magazine, hair is not pure white but creamy, and brown colors are more red. The skirt is red-brown on the paper, pink on Yande. So, who's right ? What kind of lessons could you give to me as you're no more a self-scanner ?

    A simple example of how you can not configure your scanner to not overload with an excess of contrast:
    My scan against you scan

    I have no need to add my scans to the MK, and leave your sarcasm for your friends moderators. If I want to upload something I will do it.
    The third thing, if you want to laugh at you, I will gladly buy the discussed Dengeki magazine number, and prove to you how you can not correctly scan those contrasted scans you added. Because I do not have to compare your scans to CGI on Yande.re.
    And this is not a problem just for this magazine but for a general look at what you scan. I could do a scan from the Chaldea Lingerie Collection, but I do not plan to destroy the book to prove your lack of self-criticism to your skills.
    And finally, let me add that the example scan was made on the default brightness and contrast settings in my scanner.
    So either you can not configure your scanner's settings, or you are abusing the auto-contrast option when editing in Photoshop.

    Hello Ghandy !
    Referring to your initial post, I suggest to learn how to respect people when posting... I don't use default parameters, because the colors are not faithful : green turns blue and blue is too much saturated, so I usually edit with Paintshop. On the other hand, you're comparing 2 scans, not a scan with the paper printing. I think that the truth lies in the original CG picture. From my point of view, your scans are nice but a little undercontrasted.
    I have 3 versions of this paper illustration http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/741786, with different expositions, on glossy, satin and matte paper. Where is the truth ?

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